Get Involved

Your involvement allows us to bring valuable resources, extend our service offerings, and accept more volunteers so we can serve more children and families through Boise Community Schools. Thank you for partnering your services, time, and effort with us! 

Volunteer: Serve a vital role to ensure the whole child is cared for. 

We welcome all community volunteers, parents, families, and university students. Some of the things our volunteers do are: 

To learn about more service opportunities, visit JustServe and contact us to get started!

Make a monetary  donation:

Host a fundraiser: Fundraisers are a great way to bring awareness to Boise Community Schools. It can broaden your contributions by uniting people towards a common goal. 

Want to start a fundraiser? Contact us to get started!

Support our services: Contribute in-kind, non-monetary donations. Support hundreds of students every year in emotional, social, and academic learning opportunities. 

Frequently needed donations

Contact us to coordinate in-kind donations.

Use our Contact Us form to get started in partnering; volunteering, fundraising, or making in-kind donations with Boise Community Schools. 

The needs of our schools are constantly changing and community involvement will vary. We'd be happy to discuss ways you can best support us with changing needs: