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Taft Elementary School

Taft Community Schools

Also known as Taft Clubhouse and Kid City:

We focus on building strong communities, ensuring students are ready to learn, and supporting family success. With this in mind, we offer many resources and support for parents and students to encourage healthy academics and social/emotional development.

If you or your student is interested in any of these resources or have questions about our Community School, please contact us or stop by the office. If we can't help you, we will find someone who will. 

Our Team

School Principal:

Tim Lowe

(208) 854-6180

Community School Coordinator:

Jenny Hirst

Taft School Counselor:

Heidi Gudmundsen

(208) 854-6189

Taft Social Worker:

Yesenia Tyler

(208) 854-6877 

Thank you to all of our parents, teachers, staff, partners and volunteers for making what we do possible!

Our Services

We offer comprehensive academic and social-emotional learning opportunities Engaging activities ignite student passion and inquiry, fostering a deeper application of academic content beyond the classroom.
We foster belonging, trust and shared success through engaged families, students, educators, and community partners. This occurs in many forms such as surveys, hallway conversations, parent workshops, or community gatherings. 
We support student conditions for academic and personal success through partnerships with parents, school staff, and community health professionals. Together we enhance family wellbeing by addressing mental and physical health needs.
We encourage academic achievement and attainment by offering students school supplies they can take from the classroom to home. Ample school supplies strengthen student self-esteem, academic motivation, and a safe and caring environment for all. 
We empower students to feel confident and comfortable. For clothing challenges and unexpected situations we offer a variety of items so students can return to class, recess, or even job interviews feeling supported and ready to succeed.
We nourish student learning and development by promoting healthy habits such as physical activity, wellness education, and nutritional support. Our early investment in healthy habits lays the foundation for lifelong wellbeing. 

Taft Elementary

3722 N. Anderson St., Boise, ID 83703